Friday, November 13, 2009

Ding - Level 15

Ding - Level 15
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...first death to come shortly no doubt but i still haven't died yet.

Killing an Orange

Killing an Orange
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It was a close call but i was able to kill an orange mob as a naked level 12 i dropped this level 15 boar

Is that a thorn in your pocket?

...or are you just happy to see me.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Short Lived Fishing Career

I talked to this fishing trainer and was about to try my hand at fishing but after getting Fishing Skill 1 and purchasing a shiny bauble and a fishing pole I realized a problem.

I'm not sure why anyone would want to level fishing on more than one character anyway. It is extremely painful. Lucky for me I can't equip the pole...

So I sold the 2 items back to the fishing vendor and will be forced to forever level that skill at 1.

Herbalism - New Herb - Mageroyal

Herbalism - Mageroyal
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My first mageroyal find. A paladin in the lower left hand corner of the screenshot is racing for it but clearly I'm in the position to harvest it first.

Silly pallies think they own everything!

A Mighty Rare Kill

A Mighty Rare Kill
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I came across Bjarn the ferocious Ice Claw Bear while going after some Earthroot herbs and as any good WoW player knows...rares must die!

I wasn't sure about how well a naked level 10 priest would do against a lvl 12 bear but was ultimately victorious.

Herbalism - New Herb - Earthroot

Herbalism - Earthroot
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Taking the portal from Dalaran to Iron Forge is the quickest way to get to a priest trainer to learn my new level 10 skills.

After training and spending my first talent point I thought I'd take my chances against the frigid mountains around Iron Forge to see if I could skill up Herbalism.

As long as I kept up my bubble it actually wasn't too cold out there and many herbs actually found a way to survive the snow as well.

Talent Point 1

Talent Point 1
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Anyone who has ever taken a character to maximum level knows how important getting the talent points allocated just right can make or break a play style.

At level 10 I had to finally decide on which path to go down and ended up deciding that if I wanted to continue surviving I would have to eventually get shadow form.

Once the tree was chosen I then had only 2 choices.

(1) Spirit Tap -- basically get a 33% chance after every kill to regenerate mana faster or (2) do 2% more shadow damage.

I finally decided that my first 3 points would go into Spirit Tap since mana has been harder to keep in my naked state and would be more beneficial while leveling than outputting a measly 2% more damage.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ding! - Level 10

Ding! - Level 10
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Vital stats for my first 10 gearless levels...

Total Damage Done: 55,804
Largest Hit Dealt: 50
Total Kills: 633

Total Damage Received: 11,861
Total Healing Done: 2,561
Largest Heal Cast: 37

** Total Deaths: 0 **

Cow Punch

Cow Punch
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I punched a cow and my Unarmed skill increased to 37! Woot!

Melons and Boars

Melons and Boars
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So after my brief encounter with Cheaptricks in Stormwind I decided to see what I could kill and skin around Elwynn Forest.

After sitting down in this lush Snapvine Watermelon patch it dawned on me that the boars here not only had leather that I could skin from their hides but that they kept respawning indefinitely as fast as I could kill them (which wasn't very fast by the way)

Anyway, it would turn out that I'd stay in this and a neighboring farm for the next few levels...

Cheaptricks is my hero!

Cheaptricks is my hero!
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After 18 minutes of trying to find a mage to port me to dalaran for free, I was surprised that the final portal came from a level 80 rogue!

After setting my hearth in dalaran we met up in stormwind for a /hug and respectful /salute

Thanks for footing the bill Cheaptricks you are anything but cheap!

Social Experiment #1 - Portal to Dalaran

Portal to Dalaran
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So after typing /timer (brings up a handy in game stopwatch that you may or may not have already known about) I posted the following message in trade chat every minute on the minute...

"looking for a free portal from the exodar to dalaran - pst if you can help me get there"

At first I got a few whispers saying things like "good luck the reagent to make a portal isn't free!"

but after my 18th post (yeah i stood there for 18 minutes posting that message 18 times) a nice rogue by the name of Cheaptricks invited me to their party and then found a level 80 mage and paid 10g for the mage to portal to the exodar and then create a portal for me to dalaran!

What an awesome rogue!

Skinning - Level 75

Level 75 Skinner
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So killing all those Stags not only earned me hundreds of stag meat (seems to be 100% drop rate) but it also allowed me to max out my apprentice skinning to 75.

I made the long trek to The Exodar where I was able to train as a Journeyman.

Perhaps later I will see how long it takes a naked priest to bum a free port to dalaran so that I can set my hearthstone there making my travels a little bit easier.

Herbalism - New Herb - Silverleaf

Stopped by this tree to take a ... well ... break and happened to discover my very first Silverleaf herb.


Power Word Shield
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So level 6 brought a new skill called Power Word Shield that allows me to create a sort of magical see through armor -- the emperor's clothes if you will -- and I was able to start farming level 7 and even this level 8 Stag.

Being naked is no reason to stop increasing my skill in Skinning...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Victory! Level 6 Stag

Level 6 Stag - Victory
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Didn't put up much of a fight. I had my heals ready just in case but didn't need to use any. I may have to level up on these later once I've had a chance to pick up skinning as my second profession of course...

Stalking the Stag

Stalking the Stag
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It's not really much of an achievement to reach level 5 without dying even naked but this was my first real fight as a naked priest.

A level 6 stag weighing in at 120 hp versus a lowly level 5 naked priest with a measly 102 hp.

The plan? Smite, SWP, then Smite until one of us dies...

Strategy isn't too difficult when you only have 2 damage spells to choose from.


Picking flowers seemed like the right profession for a naked priest to have so I trained in Azure Watch then found my first Peacebloom shortly thereafter.

Ding! Level 5

Ding! Level 5
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5 Levels - 3 Bags

Quickly gaining bag space is one of the first priorities of any new character in the World of Warcraft and naked priests are no exception.

I was fortunate enough to get 3 new 6-slot bags by the time I reached level 5.

The Journey Begins

Geme the Naked Priest
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In the World of Warcraft there are many different roles that individuals choose to master in order for the sum of the parts to accomplish a greater goal.

There are the stalwart Tanks that function as a "meat shield" putting on as much defense and stamina gear that they can find in order to survive the attacks of many hard hitting bad guys.

There are the faithful Healers with the role of keeping those tanks alive when things get out of hand.

There are the persistent DPSers who use any device at their disposal to output as much Damage Per Second (DPS) as possible.

And finally there are the Idiots... people who really don't have any purpose being there other than to let others know they actually have a reason for being there and are not idiots.

And so enters the scene...Geme the Naked Priest

Q. Why Geme?
A. Well the name Gem was already taken and he was originally going to be a bank alt that sold Gems but during the opening cinematic I decided it would be better to sell all his starting gear to a vendor and then level him to 80 without ever equipping gear or doing quests.

Q. Why a Priest?
A. My very first character ever was a dwarf priest (back when they were cool and the only ones with fearward) I haven't played a priest since level 60 was the cap and thought it was time to try a priest again.

Q. Isn't it kind of dumb to never equip gear especially as a priest?
A. Yes