Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Social Experiment #1 - Portal to Dalaran

Portal to Dalaran
Originally uploaded by gemepriest
So after typing /timer (brings up a handy in game stopwatch that you may or may not have already known about) I posted the following message in trade chat every minute on the minute...

"looking for a free portal from the exodar to dalaran - pst if you can help me get there"

At first I got a few whispers saying things like "good luck the reagent to make a portal isn't free!"

but after my 18th post (yeah i stood there for 18 minutes posting that message 18 times) a nice rogue by the name of Cheaptricks invited me to their party and then found a level 80 mage and paid 10g for the mage to portal to the exodar and then create a portal for me to dalaran!

What an awesome rogue!

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