Monday, November 2, 2009

The Journey Begins

Geme the Naked Priest
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In the World of Warcraft there are many different roles that individuals choose to master in order for the sum of the parts to accomplish a greater goal.

There are the stalwart Tanks that function as a "meat shield" putting on as much defense and stamina gear that they can find in order to survive the attacks of many hard hitting bad guys.

There are the faithful Healers with the role of keeping those tanks alive when things get out of hand.

There are the persistent DPSers who use any device at their disposal to output as much Damage Per Second (DPS) as possible.

And finally there are the Idiots... people who really don't have any purpose being there other than to let others know they actually have a reason for being there and are not idiots.

And so enters the scene...Geme the Naked Priest

Q. Why Geme?
A. Well the name Gem was already taken and he was originally going to be a bank alt that sold Gems but during the opening cinematic I decided it would be better to sell all his starting gear to a vendor and then level him to 80 without ever equipping gear or doing quests.

Q. Why a Priest?
A. My very first character ever was a dwarf priest (back when they were cool and the only ones with fearward) I haven't played a priest since level 60 was the cap and thought it was time to try a priest again.

Q. Isn't it kind of dumb to never equip gear especially as a priest?
A. Yes

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